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"The biggest and most consistent problem with the song is its definition of “time out.” While any basketball fan would consider the phrase to be a stoppage of play, the team context suggests that “time out” is in fact playing time, in the sense that being on a team with a deep roster restricts Hall’s minutes. He’s tired of playing with Oates and would prefer to be a star on his own"

Love and Basketball: Understanding Hall & Oates’s “One On One” - The Classical

"Anyone who’s heard the local NYC announcing team call a Knicks game can vouch for how sad it is that they so often cite that Jared is one of the best in the league at taking charges. His greatest skill is letting people barrel into him. That’s a metaphor pretty much for his entire basketball existence. I once attended a game at MSG and saw Jared Jeffries fall down while running up court. There was no one within 10 feet of him. He just fell because he’s goofy. Then he got up and promptly fell again."

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Christmas Day I’m staying home and watching 13 straight hours of NBA opening day, and you can’t stop me.

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Big Baby stays productive during the lockout, via Ball Don’t Lie.


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The restrictions the NBA is talking about would make it so that most free agents would have far fewer teams able to bid on their services. Even if 30 teams would like to have you, only a handful would be able to offer you anything. The supply would be the same as ever, but the demand would be way down compared to the old system, which the union had carefully set up to protect the middle class. Rotation players in the NBA could end up like rotation players in the NFL — out the door as soon as things stop working for the team.

Maybe that’s better for everybody in the big picture. Maybe efficiency is king. Or maybe what’s better is just a little more job security. Maybe what’s better is workers not ceding all control of their jobs to the bosses in exchange for high salaries. And maybe that’s what Bryant Gumbel was getting at.


TrueHoop — David Stern and the plantation

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